All Our Answers Are Wrong

A three-year-old little girl died today. Her name was Hala Abu Sebakha. She died because Israel launched an airstrike in Gaza, because a Palestinian sniper from Gaza shot an Israeli who was doing maintenance on the border fence, because the Israelis did this…because the Palestinians did that…because…because…because… Hala, or هالة, means aura or glory in … Continue reading



It’s December 23, 2013, and right now, my level of “Christmas spirit”, whatever that is, is just about zero. Zip, zilch, nada. Apparently, I’m not alone, as WikiHow says that “many people fail to be full of the Christmas Spirit” and provides this (frankly horrifying) list of ways to “be happy during the holidays.” (That … Continue reading


Let. It. Die.

In the latest development in the “ohmigosh the sky is falling on the mainline Protestant church!” hysteria, this blog post about the decline in Sunday school enrollment in my denomination has been getting shared a lot in the last couple of weeks, usually under headlines like “Why is no one talking about this?” or “Am … Continue reading


Not Okay, Mr. Takei

This post might sound like whining at first, but bear with me. I find myself growing increasingly frustrated with the portrayal of Christians in the culture, particularly in social media. This morning, while scrolling through my feed, I ran across a post from self-appointed “Godfather of the Internet” George Takei featuring this photo:     … Continue reading

Bob / Humans Anonymous

Cultivating the Gift of Self-Awareness

“The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.” –Socrates, 399 B.C. Various philosophical and spiritual traditions down through history have affirmed the value of regular self-examination. While it is tempting to view such self-examination as self-flagellation (and it can easily be turned into that), the true purpose and benefit of such reflection … Continue reading