Challenge: Asparagus

Bob and I have instated the random challenge topic.  Whenever we are stumped as to what to write about we are then given a random topic.  Today my topic is asparagus. As per our rules the post can be a non-fiction essay, a short story, an opinion piece, or even a poem on the topic.



I can almost make out daylight through the crack in the shed wall.  By my count I’ve been in here for two days, hiding from the rain and sleeping off the adrenalin that raged through my system.  Now I’m cold, covered in mud and blind to the world that I shut out of this dank sanctuary.  I know I cant stay here forever.  Starvation isn’t a brave way to go.

I should have listened to my uncle.  Sure, he may have seemed crazy at the time.  He was always carrying on about being prepared and having a stockpile of food and ammunition.  If he hadn’t died just two months before they attacked I might be surrounded by family safe in a bunker rather than being hole up out with the lawn mower.  My family, I have no idea what happened to any of them.  

Uhhhg.  Snap out of it.  You can’t dwell on what could have been or what did happen.  Be here now.  You need to survive now.  It’s almost two miles to the next house. You can make it.  Just stay quiet, keep low, and be on the lookout.  

It’s brighter than I thought it would be.  In this early morning light two days of darkness has played with my eyes.  Even so, I think I’m alone.  I don’t hear or see any movement.  Well, nothing except for the sound of my stomach contracting in search of some nourishment.  This is going to be the longest two miles of my life.

A little ways up I know that there is a spot that my dad and I used to hunt for morels.  It’s funny.  I’ve walked this way so many times before and never really been aware of my surroundings.  The way is as familiar as the back of my hand but I’ve never seen it like this.  It doesn’t feel like home anymore.  I’m waiting for it to turn on me.  Almost as if I’m waiting for the trees to abandon their branches and throw them down.  But they don’t.  They are almost worse.  They shield from my view my potential enemy and I will never be fully convinced of my own freedom. 

Hah!  There they are right next to the old Elm trees.  Morels have never looked so beautiful.  And if I remember correctly, just a hundred feet down I can find wild asparagus growing.  Thank God!  I’m not going to starve today.  Okay.  I’ve got enough of these weird ferns to get me through the next day or two.

No!  How did I not hear them?  How could I have gotten so caught up in picking asparagus that I didn’t see them?



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