Do you ever have one of those days where the little things just make you roll your eyes? Today was one of those days for me.  When I get like this my pet peeves seem to take on a new weight. So I thought that instead of ignoring them and moving on, that I might share and raise awareness of this aweful plight.  

The following words or phrases have been shared in my presence in the last week. To be fair some of these are just colloquialisms that I never cared for. 

Axe.     Let me axe you a question. 

You guyses. 


Fur. Fur sure.

oh fer cute, silly, stupid…


I could care less. Instead of I couldn’t care less.


Using too many exclamation points! I know you are excited! But it makes me anxious!


The color owange. 

I need to warsh my face. 

The cashier at the grocery store asking, “Did you find everything?”  No, I wasn’t looking for everything. 

Bowf. As in, I need to axe bowf yuns guyses a question. 

I know that I have left off quite a few. Please feel free to add to this little list in the comment section. 

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